Reverse gift giving.

Reverse Gift Giving…I Give You A Gift For Me

Reverse Gift Giving
Reverse Gift Giving (Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash)

You know what ruined Christmas for me? The pressure. We all want to give not just any gift but a good gift. And let’s face it. That’s a lot of pressure.

The woman I was formerly married to at one time, felt obliged to give a good gift to each person in our families. She had two siblings. I had eight. And, no, we’re not rich. No wonder we’re divorced, right?

Reverse Gift Giving…I Give You a Gift for Me…and Vice Versa

So, I’ve come up with a solution. Reverse gift giving. You buy stuff for yourself and wrap it up nicely. Everybody else does the same. When you get together around the tree, you exchange gifts. You find out what they really wanted. They find out what you really wanted.

You both laugh and say “I never would have picked this out for you.” Or “I never would have spent this much on you.” And you exchange again. There’s joy in everybody getting exactly what they wanted and staying within their budgets.

It’s well documented that we’ll spend more on ourselves than others if the situation calls for it.  Like you’ve done the research and the item is underpriced. Or you know you’re not going to be able to come back later. Or there’s only one and there’s no time to put it on your list.

If You eMail Me a Link to Something, I am a Middleman

(Lists are disingenuous anyway. If you’re going to email me a link to the specific object, you’re essentially using me as a middleman. So, my gift to you amounts to a gift card, and those are so impersonal.)

Bonus: if you decide you really don’t like it after all or can’t afford it, there’s no shame in returning it. No chance of hurting the gift giver’s feelings.

People like me and Warren Buffet, who hate to see money spent foolishly, love it.  I’m going to suggest it to my family this year. I’ll get back to you later on how it goes.

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