Inspiration — a Glimpse Into the Things that Inspire Me

Inspiring sunset at Galveston.

Inspiration can be found in the smallest things. Every day each of us encounters things that inspire us to do something special.

For me, sources of inspiration can range from the funny to the sublime. But all of these things, from everyday occurrences to fantastic sights, make up the artistic culture of Houston that I find myself living, working, and breathing on a daily basis.

Sources of Inspiration are All Around Us

As a marketing executive, I was fortunate to be exposed to creative ideas, products, and services throughout my career. Often, like many of you, I found myself often asking, why didn’t I think of that? Now as a senior marketer with the freedom to do more of what I enjoy, I think of it and I no longer wonder. Now is the time to do — take action on the things I think are fun and interesting. Whether it is running to Galveston to catch some surf when a storm in the Gulf sends a few waves our way or taking off for Enchanted Rock in the Hill Country to climb the ancient dome of pink granite rising above Central Texas to view a meteor shower or supermoon. Inspiration is worth chasing.

The Inspiration for this Blog

I have dedicated this blog to capture my insights, lessons recalled, and strange observations that provide me with the inspiration to create. I hope it gives everyone a sense of what makes this state so interesting and keeps Texans so unique.

Not every idea is a winning one, and not every thought will be one we can all agree on. Take it for what it is. One person’s observations on a life well lived and still well worth living. Consider it a character sketch of my diverse interests and dreams. I certainly hope you all enjoy reading this blog and will come back often to see what is new among all the things that inspire me. Most importantly, I hope you can find inspiration here.

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