How We Roll

How we roll
How We Roll blog (Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash).

How We Roll is my blog and it is all about my observations and lifestyle. Before computers, it might have been called a journal. But unless you were famous, few people would have read it. One of the nice things about getting older is you have a lot of life to reflect on and, if you are lucky, a lot of life left to live. If you have done it right and stayed in touch with trends and people, then you are probably still enjoying the heck out of living. I am…ask my girlfriend. It’s how we roll. Every chance we get, we are out discovering new things.

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One thing I have discovered is that there are certain very cool things I hate to part with in life — like old cars. So how do you find a new life for things you hate to part with? You turn them into art and let them reflect pop culture. Enter the ArtCar. I fell in love with art cars long ago and it became symbolic of a deeper desire to upcycle other things I did not want to throw out but they had long outlived their purpose.

Sharing, Creating, Making New Friends — It’s How We Roll

This website started as a way to unload some shirts I had made. It taught me something more important. It taught me that I have a lot left to share, and a lot left to create. It has inspired me and given me a lot of excitement. It has also expanded my knowledge and my circle of friends. It even brought old friends back into my circle. So all in all, what began as an experiment has become an experience, and it has opened a door to adventure. I am excited to see where it goes.