Corazon Celebrates Last Christmas (oh, good, more condos)

Corazon customer tries on a Lucha Libre mask.

I drove past one of my favorite shops in Montrose the other day, and something told me I should have stopped. Part of me said I could stop on the way back. Another said I’d forget.

I turned around and went back. Good thing I did. This Houston landmark is closing. Lost his lease. Better get over to Corazon for your Christmas shopping during the closing sale.

Mexican Artist Cooperative Closes After 20+ Years in Montrose

The old building at Waugh and Fairview was built over a hundred years ago as a blacksmith shop. And for the past 20+ years, it’s been almost as rare as one. One man has put his heart—“Corazon” in Spanish—and soul and blood and sweat and tears into bringing authentic traditional and contemporary arts and crafts of the Americas to you and me from artisan cooperatives in Mexico. And his dedication is apparent.

From the moment you lay eyes on the place, you’ll feel like you’re in Mexico. From the colorful cut-out letters spelling Corazon on the front to the selection of merchandise lining the shelves and racks inside, the authenticity is there. And when you talk to the owner, you’ll see the passion and the knowledge are there, too.

Condos to Replace the 100-Year-Old Blacksmith Shop

It’s a one-man show, even down to installing insulation bats in the ceiling when the condo builder next door cut down the shade trees that had provided some cooling before.

Yeah, more condos are going up on this site, so he’s only got until the end of the year to get out. In a perfect world, he would have bought the place years back when the owner offered to sell.

But when profit isn’t your main priority, opportunities like that pass you by. Don’t let that happen to you.

Farewell Corazon — Our Heartfelt Thank You for 20 Years

Even if you don’t see yourself in a Mexican wrestling mask next Halloween, they’re fun to look at, and the owner can tell you the name of each. Who knew they all had names and stories. Mine is Efesto, and I’m going back for the cape. Don’t expect to recognize me next Halloween.

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